Who Is Dad Without A Map?



I’m Adrian and this is where I write about my adventures as a forty-something dad as Dad Without A Map.

What’s all this about a map, I hear you ask?

Well, I soon realised after becoming a dad that, no matter how many books you read and people you speak to, nothing quite prepares you for parenthood and we all have to find our own way; drawing the map as we go just like the great explorers. And yes, here be dragons!

I hope you enjoy my discoveries as I navigate the bewildering world of parenting with no directions and only a rucksack stuffed with nappies, wipes, snacks and toys in case we get lost.

Do get in touch if you have directions or would like to work with me. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Brief History Of Our Family

I live in London with Mrs B…

Brighton Engagement Photography-17 (ZF-1628-46125-1-006).jpg


…Billy, who has his age printed on his chest so we don’t forget…



…and Baby Frankie who was found wrapped in a towel on our bed one day in 2016.



I was born in the North East of England a long time ago. It was before the Internet. When I say that and think about explaining it to my boys it makes me feel like I’m a Victorian. But contrary to what some people think we did have electricity, inside loos, crisps, and football, which is compulsory in The Toon.

Dad ran a bakery while Mum stayed at home to look after me. After a happy childhood and the usual moody teenage years I ran away to university in Kent where I had too much fun and made some embarrassingly pretentious student films.

In the heady days of Cool Britannia I spent a drunken weekend in Brighton and met my future wife. However it took me 14 years to propose. I know, I know. But we were having a lot of fun together involving pubs, gigs, restaurants and mini-breaks.

Then I turned 40 and had a reverse mid-life crisis. So instead of buying a sports car or going travelling we got married, bought a house, and had two babies. Like we were ticking off the ‘how to be a grown-up’ bucket list.

So, here we are. Mrs B has a brilliant career which she successfully juggles with being a mum. And I have walked away from the 9-5 to forge a flexible working life around looking after our boys.

We also have our first children two cats who sofa-surf with us and are UNHAPPY about being chased by small people. Although they do have the easiest life out of everyone.

Cats on the bed.JPG

Finally, here’s a list I wrote for the brilliant Clemmie Telford a.k.a Mother Of All Lists.

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