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Could I Be A Stay At Home Dad?

What are the pros and cons of becoming a stay at home parent?

Baby in Grobag

Before I Get Home

I look forward to the mornings,

When I lift you from your bed.

When we cuddle on the sofa,

And I kiss your fuzzy head…

Stop! Daddy time!

Thursday is now officially the new Friday, in my world anyway. As Mrs B re-enters the rat race I’m dipping my toe into the subculture of the stay at home dad. It’s only one day a week but I’m hoping┬áspending more time with the small person will help […]

Pop Up Dad

I’ve been wondering what kind of dad i am or will become and then i realised when I was saying goodbye to B today and he looked at me like i was an alien. I’m a pop up dad! Every so often i pop up in his world […]