Category: Milestones

Baby’s Guide To Christmas

Hello there. It’s Baby B here. This world is a strange and confusing place. I’ve certainly had to get used to a lot of new things during my time outside that nice floaty universe I came from. Recently there have been some really odd things going on. I’m […]

Merry Christmas Baby!

So this is Christmas. And what have we done? Well this year we had a baby! Yes, it’s our first Christmas with Baby B – just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and glowing. Life has already been turned upside down by his arrival but it’s […]

Baby On The Loose!

Once upon a time there was a baby who stayed in one place. If you put him down he’d be there the next time you looked. A reliable baby. He learned to kick his little legs and wave his little arms in the air and it was cute […]

The End Of The Beginning.

Twelve weeks. It doesnt sound like very long. If you took a chunk of twelve weeks from any other part of your life it probably wouldnt seem significant. Could you remember what you were doing? But the last twelve weeks have been the oddest, busiest, depressing, joyful, confusing […]

V for Visitors

And so they come. The well wishers tripping up the garden path with beaming faces and open arms, into which you thankfully deposit the tiny baby. At this point it would be nice to run upstairs and get some kip but apprently we have to provide tea and […]


Becoming a dad is a bit like turning 18. Or leaving school. Or losing your virginity. It’s one of those things that you might have spent a lot of time thinking about, wondering what it’s going to feel like. How things will change. But you can’t actually understand […]