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Dad Without A Map

Blogging about life as a forty-something dad to a preschooler and a toddler at

Merry Christmas Baby!

So this is Christmas. And what have we done? Well this year we had a baby! Yes, it’s our first Christmas with Baby B – just thinking about it makes me feel all warm and glowing. Life has already been turned upside down by his arrival but it’s […]

How to rock a Bobble Hat

It was the first ever NSPCC Bobble Hat Day today and Baby B was desperate to get in on the knitted hat fun. He’s collected¬†a wide range of headgear in his nine months on the planet. Maybe he’s going to grow up to be the next lead singer […]

They shall not grow old…

I never really understood Armistice Day. I don’t mean that I didn’t understand the history or social significance. Rather that I didn’t grasp what it would be like to lose your child to a war until I became a dad. As we paused in our work at 11 […]