All about me


I’m Adrian and this is where I write about my adventures as a forty-something dad lost in the strange land of parenthood. I live in London with Mrs B…

Brighton Engagement Photography-10 (ZF-1628-46125-1-007)

…and Baby B who was born in 2014.


I was born in the North East of England a long time ago. It was before the Internet. That’s how long ago it was. When I say that and think about explaining it to Baby B it makes me feel like I’m a Victorian.

But contrary to what some people think we did have electricity and inside loos and crisps. And football of course, which is compulsory in The Toon.

Dad ran a bakery. Mum stayed at home. After a happy childhood and the usual moody teenage years I ran away to the South. Well, I got on a National Express coach.

At university I had too much fun and met some unusual people. One of them went on to be my best man.

A bit before that I spent a drunken weekend in Brighton and met my future wife.

However it took me 14 years to propose. I know, I know. But we were having a lot of fun together involving pubs, gigs, restaurants and mini-breaks.

Then I turned 40 and decided it was time to grow up. So we got married, bought a house, went to Thailand, and had a baby. Some of these things were connected. 🙂


So, here we are. I work for a charity. Mrs B does a very clever job but it’s not for me to say more.

As well as a baby we have two cats who are cross about not being the centre of our lives anymore. Here they are, sulking in bed. You can see what a tough life they lead…


I hope you enjoy what I have to say as I blunder through parenthood. If you have directions about how to navigate dad-world feel free to get in touch!

Finally, you can read a Q&A with me here courtesy of Ben Wakeling.

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