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A Sunny Day Out at Godstone Farm

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a routine with your kids? Going to the same old soft play/cafe/park? Me too.

So yesterday when I saw a big yellow sun on my weather app I made a brave decision. We were going on a day out. A proper one. You know: with a picnic and getting lost in the car down a country lane.

And that’s how we ended up at Godstone Farm.

Godstone Farm sunflower face.jpg

Choosing where to take children is tricky and depends a lot on their age. With a three and one year old we often find that what works for the older doesn’t for the younger and vice versa.

I decided to visit Godstone Farm for the following reasons:

  • It’s less than an hour from London in the car: this is around the maximum distance our boys can travel before meltdowns start.
  • There’s lots of space for Little B to run around without worrying about losing him.
  • Plenty of places for a picnic.
  • A good array of animals without this being the main attraction – because kids only look at them for a millisecond and then get bored.

Your Godstone Farm ‘Need To Know’

It’s in Surrey, just beyond the M25 so if that’s not where you live feel free to read something else! If you’re still with me, here’s a map:

If you’re approaching from the north the road through the village can get gridlocked so head south past the farm and double back up Tilburstow Hill Road. There is a good size car park that was barely a quarter full when we arrived at 11am, and I think even on a busy weekend you wouldn’t have a problem finding a space.

The farm opens at 10am and closes at 5pm and there are opportunities to see animals being fed at 12.15pm and 3.15pm. Sadly my three year old refused to go and watch but I am sure it is great fun!

It’s a big site so if your children are prone to getting tired legs you will definitely need a buggy, but this is ok as there are accessible paths all around the farm. There are several loos dotted about but I can see queues forming on weekends so make sure your children aren’t desperate or, as in my case, have the travel potty ready.

Food And Drink

You can buy food and drink on site; the main cafe is in the old farm house near the entrance and there is a large lawn to the front with picnic tables and a second area to the rear with a massive sandpit and lots of diggers and buckets & spades, which Little B was very happy playing with.

I’d packed sandwiches so I can’t comment on the quality of the food but what I saw was the usual burgers and chips, kids’ meal box, coffee and cake type fare. I did feel that they could be making more of the cafe, having a more adventurous, healthier menu with freshly made wraps, mini fish cakes, pasta, or savoury pancakes.

Things To Do At GodStone Farm

There are of course the usual farm animals to see – pigs, sheep, goats, cows, horses, geese, chickens – along with some of the recent additions like Llamas. And there are small mammals including rabbits and guinea pigs that your children can handle under supervision.

Little B ran swiftly around the enclosures in around ten minutes and then said: “Can we go home now daddy?” Err, no, I thought, we’ve just driven for an hour and paid to get in.

Thankfully there are lots of play areas where children of all ages can let off steam while the adults sit and chat or stare at their phones.

Godstone Farm playground.jpg

Little B spent most of the morning playing with the ride on motorbikes on a downhill ‘racetrack’. Do make sure you keep an eye on your children if they’re on here as the bikes can go quite fast down the slope and there is ample opportunity for collisions!

Nearby is a woodland area with some materials for den building which Little B proceeded to get lost in (although I could see him so he wasn’t really lost) and a lawn with big bouncy balls which both boys enjoyed chasing.

Godstone Farm ball.jpg

Once you’ve exhausted that there is an indoor slide barn and a classic soft-play with a baby section – great if the weather turns nasty. Finally, just as we were thinking about going home after a bout of tired tears Little B spotted a yard with lots of ride on tractors and trucks so he spent an extra 20 minutes there.

For older children there is a zip-slide, toboggan run and adventure playground a short walk away from the main farm area. We didn’t make it that far as our three year old’s little legs were tired but give it another year and I am sure he’d be whizzing around.

My Verdict On GodStone Farm

Overall I’d recommend Godstone Farm as a family day out for children aged 2 to 10. The setting is beautiful and there’s a great variety of activities so you can easily spend a whole day there. The downsides are the food and drink and the fact that entry for children over 2 costs the same as an adult – I think this is unreasonable as a family of four would come to £35! (Booking online in advance will save you 10%.)

Activities: 8/10

Food and drink: 6/10

Loos and baby changing: 7/10

Shop: 6/10

Value for money: 6/10 (would be higher if children weren’t the same price as adults!)

Staff: very helpful and friendly 9/10

If you have any recommendations on days out with children feel free to share them! 🙂



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