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Why I Want My Sons To Grow Up In A United Europe

Let’s tear walls down not build them up…

Last year I visited Berlin for the first time and saw the wall – or rather the section they kept to remind us not to make the same mistakes again.

And I stood for a long time at this gate that once divided sons from fathers, mothers from daughters, brothers from sisters.


My dad was born at the end of the second world war. I grew up during the Cold War and the Wall fell as I turned 18.

I remember the relief and joy of that moment. It felt like the start of a better world.

I really hope Britain remains  part of Europe tomorrow.

I don’t understand all the arguments but I do know I want my boys to grow up in a country that looks out not in. That doesn’t turn its back on people from beyond our small island.

Let’s vote for hope not hate on June 23rd 2016.

We could be heroes.
Just for one day.

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