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It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad (Blogging) World

So someone has nominated me for a 2016 MAD Blog Award!

Thnak you #mads2016

“What’s that then?” I hear you murmur in a distracted manner as you flick through cakes and babies and kittens and people’s feet on Instagram.

You know, THE MADs! Surely you’ve heard of…

Hey, for one minute can you please stop looking at that weird/cute video of the piglet and the kitten and pay attention!?

OK. So the MADs are the annual Mum and Dad Blogging Awards run by the people at Tots 100.

I logged on to Twitter today and saw this…

It wasn’t Mrs B. I checked. And I don’t think my mum knows I blog. And no, it wasn’t me.

So it means that an actual person has read my rambling thoughts about being a dad, when they were drunk, after typing ‘when sex go wrong’ into Google*, fallen against the keyboard while trying to stop their dog eating their kebab, and accidentally nominated me in the Best Pregnancy Blog category.


The only thing is…I’ve never been pregnant. Or even written much about pregnancy. Soooo, I’m a bit confused by the category but I’m still very happy to be noticed at all.

If I knew who you were I’d run after you down the street, trying not to scare you, only wishing to shake your hand.

But you are a mystery admirer. So, what I SHALL do is nominate some of the wonderful bloggers out there who I very much enjoy reading.

If you’d like to do the same (and fancy giving Dad Without A Map a thumbs up)…

Here’s How To Nominate Your Favourite Bloggers:

  • Pop over to Tots 100 and check out the categories.
  • SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION ALERT! I’d love a nomination for Best Pre-School Blog if you dig my toddler shit (literally). Or Best Writer. If you like the way I arrange letters.
  • You only get to nominate once. So do choose ALL the blogs before you hit submit.
  • When you nominate a blog, use their URL not their blog name. Mine is, ahem,
  • As Ice Cube would advise, check yo entry before you wreck yo entry: read the terms and conditions.
  • If you have a blog – grab one of the blog badges to let your readers know about the awards.
  • Nominations close in four weeks!

Let the games begin! May the odds be ever in your favour.

PS. I’ll pop back and let you know who I’ve nominated shortly.

PPS. If you’re confused by my title, it’s a cool old film.

*Yes, someone actually found my blog by searching for this on Google. 

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