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Let’s Change Baby Changing For Dads

Men can change nappies. So why is it so hard to find somewhere to do the deed?

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I know. We haven’t always done our share of baby bum wiping throughout history, but┬álots of us now understand that being a dad isn’t only about kicking a ball around a park or watching Star Wars with the kids on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Before I became a dad I wasn’t that manly anyway. I could change a lightbulb and maybe a plug fuse but defintely not a car tyre.

I remember the ante-natal class where they filled the nappies on the dolls with mustard or mushy peas. Some of the guys were gagging. I got a wee nappy. And I still have the same feeling of victory when that happens. But actual poo nappies sometimes aren’t even as bad as the fake mustard one.

Perhaps it’s like smelling your own farts. You don’t really mind. Maybe because your baby is related to you his or her bum smells fifty per cent like yours?

I digress.

The point is that men are just as capable at doing the poop wrapping and I might add we are pretty quick at it too. More dads, and uncles and mates if it comes down to it could all do with a bit more encouragement at doing the diaper dance.

So why oh why is it so hard to find somewhere private to unwrap your baby’s private parts when you’re out and about?

Think about it. How many times have you been on a trip to the shops, or a park, or in a cafe and realised that there is nowhere to run to when the smell of freshly laid curry paste hits your nostrils?

I’ve had to change nappies in some weird places. On a park bench. On the floor of a train carriage. In a lift (you just keep going up and down, trust me no one will get in).

The worst time was when we had to stop in a car park on a hellish journey back from Cornwall and wipe Little B’s little bum on the back seat of a hire car. A HIRE CAR. Imagine the deposit risking fear of poo touching cloth.

So when you’re actually a paying customer of a restaraunt you’d expect the proprietors to have some sympathy, to take pity on your smelly plight. But no.

In many establishments the only baby changing facilities are in the oh so delicately named ‘Ladies’ loos. I always see David Walliams in a dress when I hear that word.

It really isn’t good enough. As society strives to be more equal and fair, and parent-friendly, businesses that want dads to be patrons need to embrace modern fatherhood.

Wouldn’t it be great to know where the dad-friendly baby changing facilities are? Maybe someone could create a Google map that we could all add to. And we could name and shame the places that didn’t make the grade?

Well, please give a round of applause to Al from The Dad Network who has not only raised this issue but created a campaign and said Google map. He’s been talking about this issue on TV and radio most of today and he’s all over that there social media too.

So if you agree that men need to be encouraged to change more nappies – and I suspect the mums will be backing this one – please head over to The Dad Network and get involved in #ChangeForDads.

But before you do, watch this video:



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  1. My husband is the main nappy changer in our house when he’s not at work and to be fair I don’t think he’s ever had this problem. It’s probably because we don’t really go to restaurants all that often but when we do the baby change is usually in the disabled loo. I totally agree with you though, it’s completely stupid to put it on the ladies, anyone can change a nappy, not just mums

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