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My Blog Library | September 2015

Here we are again – another month has passed by! September has been busy as we’re getting plans in place to start converting our loft into a third bedroom and en-suite bathroom. All very exciting but we’ve discovered that our roof is too low so all the ceilings have to come down upstairs and be lowered to accommodate the loft conversion. Oh dear. We’ll have to move out while the work happens – I’m sure I’ll be worth it!

We also had a trip back up to the North to see my parents which involved our first long train journey with our toddler.

And this weekend we went up to Ashridge in Hertfordshire for a special family gathering and it felt like the middle of July rather than the start of October. It was special because all Little B’s cousins were there together for the first time – six boys under five! Quite overwhelming seeing all of them together and it’s rare because Mrs B’s brother, who has three of the boys, lives in Africa so visits back to the UK are few and far between.

Anyway, in the midst of all this I have been finding time to read plenty of blogs and the first choices in my round up are inspired by that experience of seeing six little ones together and what it would be like to have more children…

1. More Than One Is Twice The Fun | Slouching Towards Thatcham

Tim has three children all within four and a half years of each other (just like my brother-in-law) and his post about the joys of having a big brood came back to me as I watched Little B’s cousins playing together this weekend. Just as his more cautious son Isaac is encouraged to step outside his comfort zone at the playground by his more dare-devil siblings, I watched the oldest of our clan clambering to the top of a big tree trunk and his younger brother and cousin being egged on to match him. Little B meanwhile did what he often does; observed the action for a while and then decided to go off and try to crawl under the tree trunk instead. He is resolutely his own captain and if he wants to go his own way just make sure you don’t get in the way!

Tim’s post left me pondering what our boy would be like with a younger sibling – would he lead the way or soften his stance a little and become more cooperative?

While considering this question the challenges of having more than one were laid bare in this very short piece – short because she wrote it on her phone while feeding the baby…

2. On Becoming A Mum Of Two | Sceptical Mum

In which Sceptical Mum sums up the chaos I imagine ensues when the toddler you’ve managed to keep alive for two years or so is joined by a new baby. I say ‘ensues’, I mean resumes or multiplies because it’s not like after 18 months we’ve gone back to spending Sunday flicking lazily through a magazine or watching a long film. Now I’m just depressing myself. I can’t quite get my head around how anyone manages to feed a small baby with a toddler climbing all over you both crying . Sceptical Mum bills herself as the blog about parenthood for people who hate twee mummy blogs. But despite this apparently tough attitude she still says:

There may be twice the poo, twice the wee and twice the crying, but there’s twice the love and ten times the cuteness!

Altogether now “Ahhhh” – a sound of delight that brings us neatly onto…

3. Elephantastic Weekend At Whipsnade | Charly Dove

Simply because I love elephants. If you’re not so keen you can probably skip this one! Whipsnade is also somewhere Mrs B went a lot when she was little and we’ve been a couple of times together before Little B was born. So I am very much looking forward to taking him there when he’s a bit older – hopefully next summer. It’s so much nicer to see animals in a good sized enclosure and I think London Zoo did the right thing by moving all their elephants out to Whipsnade back in 2001. These are Asian elephants, now endangered in the wild even more so than their African relations. We visited a conservation project in Thailand in 2012 and were able to get up close and feed and wash some of the elephants they’d rescued. If you ever visit South East Asia do make sure you go to a genuine elephant conservancy project and beware the tourist traps where the animals are still made to do tricks and aren’t always treated well. And if you can’t get that far Whipsnade is well worth a visit.

My next choice could be a tough read if you’re at all feeling fragile about trying to have children but I was so blown away by the honesty I had to share it.

4. Miscarriage: Where Do I Go From Here? | Mrs H’s Favourite Things

This is such a personal post from the heart, I am not going to add much more. Lucy writes about being in a dark place but wanting to swim up to the light, through fear, through anger, and not knowing how to get there. This is a subject that affects so many more people than we think and not everyone is able or wants to talk about miscarriage publicly. But when someone does I think it helps other woman (and men) feel less alone. And I think the comments are wonderful.

Finally, to end on a less emotional note, my last two posts of the month are on the art and craft of blogging.

5a. Sponsored Posts – How To Negotiate And What To Charge | You Baby Me Mummy

I am a long way off trying to make any money from blogging, for me it’s a hobby I enjoy alongside work. But I have always been intrigued by how people do charge for sponsored posts and this post answered most of my questions. Alongside practical tips like discovering your domain authority (I was pleasantly surprised to find that mine was nearly 25!) Aby makes thought-provoking points about working out what value you place on your time and content.

And of course one step to being a pro-blogger is being organised (something I really struggle with) so I end on…

5b. How To Plan A Blog Routine | Monkey and Mouse

There are only six points to follow so even I can give this one a go! Happy blogging until next month! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for including me this month, Adrian. Lucy’s post in particular is very moving and heartfelt. Parenting comes with many bumps as well as moments of joy, sadly, but we plough on, don’t we?

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  2. Adrian, I want to thank you so much for including my post. I was really beginning to doubt those honest and from the heart posts. And so your words are just what I needed. Thank you. Plus, I grew up in Berkhamsted so Ashridge and Whipsnade are two places I love. I desperately want to take Little Miss H to see the elephant walk at some point. Thanks again. Hugs Lucy xxxx