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My Blog Library | July 2015

Another month has skipped by in a whirlwind of trips to the myriad parks London has to offer, messy play in the garden, al fresco dining (and wiping up pasta shapes from the decking) and me having a birthday and a trip to Berlin. It’s amazing I found any time to read blogs but I did and here are my favourite picks from the seventh month of the year…

Baby reading books

Something I am keen to encourage is Little B’s love of nature and our garden. So I was intrigued by the brilliant photo on the cover of my first post of the month, showing a little boy in a veg patch reading a book about a little boy and his garden.

1. Mudpie Fridays | Book Review – Alfie Outdoors

We have a library of books in our house already but this might have to be added to it – perhaps for Christmas. That way we can start talking about the garden and giving Little B a patch of his own to dig in as he approaches his second birthday. I like books that are ‘educational’ in subtle ways, that wrap the learning and discovery up in a great story or character. And Clare’s review of this book by Shirley Hughes suggests that it fits that ideal perfectly.

2. Yellow Belly Mummy | Ten Episodes Of Peppa Pig I’d Really Like To See

Out of all the TV programmes I’ve tuned into reluctantly since Little B was born Peppa Pig was the biggest surprise. I was totally ready to hate it and ended up laughing at the sarcasm in the actor’s delivery of the lines. I hope that’s their intention anyway! Not that it gets in the way of the wonderfully simple yet quirky stories. So I loved this post from Kate Chapman about the episodes that haven’t been made but really should be. From Mummy Pig going out ‘on the lash’ to Peppa swearing this is a list I’d happily add to. Have a read and suggest some episodes you’d like to see!

3. Motherhood – The Real Deal | Reasons The Twos Really Aren’t So Terrible

As you will know I think toddlers get a raw deal in the reputation stakes, so I really liked this post from Talya about why two is her favourite age so far. (I didn’t like to point out she only had a choice of two ages.) In my own limited experience of parenting I must say that Little B is a lot more fun than Baby B despite the occasional tantrum!

4. Mother Of All Lists | What I Wish I’d Known Before I Became A Parent

Just scraping into July is this post by Clemmie Telford aka Peckham Mamma. I’m slightly biased as she’s a friend of Mrs B but I’ve really been enjoying her blog since it kicked off in March 2015. This post is in her series ‘What I wish I’d known…” and they are all well worth a read (maybe before you have your baby!) In this installment I laughed out loud as Siobhan Miller aka Double Mama warned of the perils of Amazon One Click ordering and nodded sagely at her pronouncement ‘You are enough’. I must stop writing this post and go and write my own guest post as I’ve already kept Clemmie waiting too long!

5. First Tooth | Technology Is Getting In The Way Of My Parenting

And finally, I recommend you read this post but only if the children are in bed, as otherwise you’ll be glued to a screen instead of being with them! Only kidding. This piece by Lizzie is not judgemental of anyone who uses technology, only herself for letting it take over sometimes. And that’s something I think most of us have done at some point. I know I find myself in the playground or the garden and when Little B does something cute there I am trying to tweet it instead of just being in the moment. So on that note I am off go and have a look at him sleeping cutely in his cot!

All the best for your August blog reading and writing. 🙂

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  1. It really is a good book! And this is a brilliant idea, I read so many amazing things on people’s blogs – I think I need to start making notes! Thank you 😁