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My Blog Library | May 2015

There are so many brilliant blogs I can’t choose my favourites for a blogroll. So I’ve decided to post a round up each month of what I’ve been reading to show a little love to all you wonderful writers and creatives out there…

Welcome to my blog library!

Baby reading books

1. My Little Jam Pot Life | Let them be little – closeness with baby wearing

Slings were something I never took to but Mrs B wore one occasionally when Baby B was small and I know she liked the combination of freedom and closeness it offered. Perhaps I never managed to get the positioning right as I always found I got a really sore back after only wearing one for a short time. Anyway, this post is a lovely mix of practical advice about which baby carrier to choose and personal testimony about why baby wearing works for Natalie and her family.

She touches on the sometimes negative responses of some people to the idea of carrying your baby – I never understand why anyone feels they have to criticise other parents for doing what works for them! And if we have another one it makes me think I’d persevere with a baby carrier as there are so many benefits. Baby B is a big lad now and much prefers to walk whenever he can but I think we will have a look at some backpack style carriers for our holiday in Cornwall – if only to stop us worrying about him running off!

2. Slouching Towards Thatcham | Wednesday Words of Wisdom – A matter of talent

Tim is a blogger I’ve been following since I started out as a dad and he always comes up with original takes on parenting, life, and blogging. This post struck a chord with me as I am watching Baby B as he grows into a toddler and wondering what his talents will be. When I was growing up my parents encouraged my love of books and writing – I still have the first stories I ever wrote when I was around six, all about the adventures of a dog called Spot (yes, someone later wrote a rather successful book about a similar animal!)

However I wasn’t a natural at school and I often felt out of place and struggled with concentrating in class. I think our education system at the time was quite rigid and didn’t allow for individual children to find their talents. I wonder now if it’s even more the case with all the testing I hear about from such a young age.

Like Tim, we want to nurture Baby B’s abilities and let him show us what he enjoys. It’s easy as a parent to live vicariously through our children and will them to be the person we are or perhaps never managed to be. Cue all those slightly obsessed parents with child geniuses or sports prodigies we see in the media, pushing children to win at all costs, and turning their childhoods into a constant round of classes and competitions.

We think B is musical and that does run in our families. It would be amazing if he wanted to pursue a career in music but if he’d rather be a carpenter or a chef that’s fine too!

Baby playing piano

I think it’s never too late to discover your talent in life and this brings me nicely onto my next blog post!

3. You Baby Me Mummy | Blogging changed our lives

One thing I enjoy about the blogging world is the amazing people you discover and the rich pageant of life that unfolds before your eyes. Aby is an evangelist for the way blogging has enriched her life after having Baby – helping her to rediscover her identity and overcome the challenges she faced after being diagnosed with PND. She’s written a wonderful round up of other bloggers’ thoughts about how blogging has transformed their lives.

Whether it’s building connections and a community of like-minded people, discovering their voice through writing, or finding strength to keep living through dark times. Some people I mention blogging to think it’s all cupcakes and knitting. This post proves that it can be a therapeutic journey, an escape, and a way to fill your life up to the brim.

Blogging is yet to change my life in such a dramatic way but I can already see the opportunities if can bring and I’m honoured to have connected with some amazing people.

4. Hurrah For Gin | Unfortunate signs you are getting old

Wrapping up on a lighter note, I love reading Katie’s truly hilarious adventures in parent land, all illustrated with her unique style of cartoons. As I am no longer able to deny the fact I am middle-aged, despite continuing to occasionally act like a teenager, this post about realising you are getting old really resonated with me.

I accept her apology to 44 year olds and salute her check list of things to look out for as I have only recently noticed some of them myself! (So to be frank Katie I think you’ve aged prematurely!)

These stuck out like a pair of elephant’s ears to me and I cringed and reached for the gin as I read them…

  • I read the local neighbourhood magazine and enjoy it (more than Heat magazine).
  • On the rare occasions I do go out I am a total liability.
  • And then I still wake up at 6AM and my hangovers last 3 days.
  • We joined The National Trust and I fricking LOVE it.
  • Sometimes I work out the actual cost per visit vs. the price non members pay and I feel very smug about that too.

But I am sure you will be able to choose a few that apply – no matter where you are on life’s Gantt Chart of decrepitude.

So that’s all for now. I read a lot more posts than this but four seems like a nice number and I think Baby B has done a massive poo and woken from his sweet slumbers – so I must take my leave…

Thanks for reading. What were your favourite posts this month?

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