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Our Perfect Easter Weekend.

Hnnnnfghh Eamnnuchh Everyone! Sorry. Mouth full of chocolate. Happy Easter Everyone!

How’s it going? Living up to the TV advertising dream?

Four days of family fun, running like clockwork, cooking endless delicious meals with one hand while putting the finishing touches to your Easter bonnets.

Adding each child’s name to their handmade decorated chocolate eggs, before arranging them in delicately folded tissue paper nests filled with marzipan chicks.

Sewing a bunny costume for your children and the cousins for the village Easter parade (first prize is in the bag 🙂 #winning) and laying out the table in the sunshine filled garden for the hundred guests who are coming to your Easter barbecue.

No?! What’s that? You bought a special everything you need for Easter bundle from Lidl? OK I know they’re good value.

But what do you mean no you lazy-arse good for nothings! Get a load of this…

Our Perfect Easter Weekend.

So we woke up on Good Friday at 9am after an amazing lie in. I crept into Baby B’s bedroom and he was still fast asleep on the handmade bed of felt daffodils that Mrs B had made for him on the train home from work last night. Baby B woke up and smiled and helped me dress him in the first of his Easter costumes; a lamb.

I made coffee and hot cross buns and got his milk and then we all sat in bed together with the paper and Baby B quietly read his Ladybird Book about the meaning of Easter.

In the afternoon we went for a walk in the park and saw two white doves kissing in a blossoming cherry tree. In the evening Baby B said he felt sleepy after his tea and begged to go to bed early as he could see we were all tired.

I sang him to sleep and then we stayed up cooking in a leisurely fashion while sipping a vintage Pinot Noir, basically getting everything done for Saturday and Sunday and Monday so we wouldn’t have to spend any more time in the kitchen.

On Saturday Baby B was already wearing his bunny costume when I went into his bedroom and he was putting the finishing touches to his hand print painting of a field of daffodils. We’d banned screens for the weekend so after a hearty breakfast Baby B practised his special song and dance to perform for the family on Sunday. Then he curled up on his Easter nest again and slept for three whole hours.

While he was napping we decorated the whole house with bunting and I recorded us singing nursery rhymes and The Birds In The Spring, with me playing the guitar, for the party on Sunday. We had a special meal in the evening and drank champagne and ‘went to bed early’ (nudge nudge, wink wink).

On Easter Sunday when he woke up Baby B had done a tiny poo in the shape of an egg and it smelled of chocolate. I left him to get dressed into his chick costume on his own while I crept down to the spotless kitchen and whipped up a surprise breakfast for the whole family while dressing the cats in their Easter bonnets. I woke Mrs B by gently wafting hot chocolate and nutmeg under her nose and we all sat around the kitchen table opening tasteful cards from our family.

We aren’t religious so we went into the garden and planted some daffodils together to give thanks for Spring. Then loads of friends came round for an Easter egg hunt and all the children were well-behaved and everyone won a prize. Our family arrived for lunch and it was so good having it all prepared two days earlier.

We congratulated each other on how well organised we were. The in-laws did all the washing up and insisted we put out feet up. In the evening we played traditional board games and no one argued.

On Bank Holiday Monday the sun was shining all day, yes it was, I don’t care what the forecast said, and we had a barbecue and ate up leftovers and Baby B sang a song and…

What do you mean you don’t believe me? You think I’m making this bullshit up? What really happened? Oh alright then.

Our Perfect Easter Weekend (part 2).

We’d decided to go to the seaside for a couple of nights (yes the seaside in April) because the chaos of the house drives us a bit nuts. I let Mrs B go on ahead and have a night away on her own, because quite frankly she needed it. So I picked up Baby B after work on Thursday, did bath and bedtime, and then had a few beers and a take away pizza on my own watching Rush – that film about James Hunt and Nicki Lauda. I failed to do any tidying or iron my clothes for the next day.

On Friday morning Baby B woke up crying at 5.45am and he had done a massive poo right up his back. It got everywhere and he kept putting his feet in it. I realised I’d forgotten to get cat food and milk the night before so I gave Baby B the last of the milk and I had black tea.

I ran around trying to get all our things together and set off to get the train down to Brighton.

It was raining when we arrived so we scurried through the wet streets and met at Bills for coffee, which was very welcome. Baby B ordered elevenses in his own special direct style.

Baby, pointing

Cake please!

Then we went back to the hotel and me and Baby B had a nap as we were very tired, while Mrs B went to potter round the North Laines. We hadn’t really thought through being in a hotel with a toddler. So we spent a couple of hours chasing him around the room and trying to stop him falling off the bed.

The plan was to pop out for an early evening meal at Jamie’s Italian, have a beer and then get Baby B off the bed around 730pm. We hadn’t banked on it being fully booked even at 530pm so we tried some other places. All booked till Sunday night. Ended up getting a tuna and cheese melt from Cafe Nero and going back to the hotel to feed Baby B sitting on the bathroom floor.

Then the prospect of being stuck in the dark in our room with a sleeping baby dawned on us so we managed to get the travel cot into the walk in shower. It looked very cosy if a little unconventional!

Hotel shower cot

He went off like a light anyway. We got room service and watched Orange Is The New Black on our laptop.

It was still raining the next day but we had a nice time meeting up with an old friend who hadn’t met Baby B yet. After coffee we looked around the shops and Baby B did some more pointing.

Easter pointing in Brighton

We got home on Saturday night and realised we’d failed to go shopping so we ate beans on toast for supper and were in bed watching Jonathan Ross at 930pm. No Easter bonnets had been made at this point.

No plans on Easter Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday. No family visiting. And it was actually good to just flop, while going about the usual baby routine. We recently had a gathering for his first birthday so I think another weekend of cooking and entertaining would have finished us off. Baby B doesn’t know what Easter is anyway. Next year I’m sure we’ll go to town a bit more.

So here I am sitting in the garden office. Having some peace and quiet. Tapping away to you lot. The sun has come out today. Spring feels like it might actually be here at last. Mrs B has made some chocolate nests. They were delicious. She managed to take a photo before we ate them.

Easter nest

It feels good just being here at home, the three of us. It’s great if you have the time and energy to pimp your Easter weekend. I expect to see some amazing creations on the blogs I follow. But I’ve also seen a few people post about being ill or fretting about living up to expectations.

So I wanted to say don’t worry. Our weekend may not have been “perfect” but when is it ever? Even before we had a baby. Sometimes we all put too much pressure on ourselves.

Work is hard. Being a parent is hard. Give yourself a break. I had fun having a little pillow fight with Baby B and watching him point at seagulls. We felt decadent getting room service.

It was nice to walk the streets of the city where we met again, even in the rain. It was wonderful to read a book this morning while Baby B napped. We totally forgot to go shopping so we’ve been improvising with whatever we can defrost.

It doesn’t matter. We’re together. We’re all well. We’re not commuting to the office until tomorrow – boo the office!

Happy Easter to you all, love whatever you are doing and whatever this weekend means to you.

And roll on the next Bank Holiday! 🙂

PS. We gave Baby B some chocolate. It was his first taste. He was wired and wouldn’t sleep till after eight. You have been warned!

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. We still don’t seem to be able to get trips away quite right! Hopefully our holiday in a baby friendly cottage in Cornwall in June will be the breakthrough 🙂


  1. Why did I never think of putting the cot in the shower??! Unadulterated genius, my friend. Dang, what no chocolate smelling, egg shaped poos, baby? Easter fail on your part.


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  2. reading the first story i thought is he taking the piss .. thank god you were haha! I don’t go mad for easter never have done people get over excited about these things a little egg hunt around the house and some chiled out time together is all they really want! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars

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