How to entertain a toddler

I’ve written a guest post for Olly Olly – the London baby and toddler activity guide – all about my efforts to keep Baby B entertained!

Baby, playing, TV

This is NOT how to entertain your toddler!


Babies are easy to please. No really they are. For most of the first year they lie down in one place and enjoy looking at faces, sparkly dangly things, the sky, lights. And sometimes they sleep.

Even when they start crawling a cardboard box or a wooden spoon will provide hours of entertainment.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’m bringing up Baby B like Oliver Twist. We, along with his family, have bought the little prince rattles, maracas, building blocks, toy animals, a lovely red bus and many more toys.

But he still loved nothing better than chewing on a wooden spoon and then bashing it against the floor. If you took it away and gave it back ten minutes later it was as if he’d never seen a spoon in his life.

However, since he started cruising (that’s walking holding onto stuff) and getting nearer to the big one year milestone he’s starting to get more demanding…

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