Being Dad

Who’s the daddy? Apparently it’s me!

Since I started writing about being a dad one thing I’ve found really helpful and encouraging is the community of other dads and mums out there in blogland.

I was a bit nervous as many people are about starting out and having other people read my thoughts. Reading other people’s blogs can be intimidating as you feel they are doing it so well and wonder why anyone would want to read yours.

So the warmth and genuine desire to support new bloggers took me pleasently by suprise; maybe I am so used to hearing horror stories about trolls and the way people turn into vicious monsters as soon as they go online!

Anyway, I recently saw a request from Ben Wakeling, author of Goodbye Pert Breasts (what a great name for a blog), asking for dad bloggers to get in touch for a new series of Q&As he was curating.

I tweeted back, thinking I would be in a long queue. But no, I soon found a list of questions in my inbox, which I duly did my best to answer.

You can read the results here. I’ve been reading Ben’s blog for a while and it makes me laugh and nod in agreement so I am honored to be featured in his series Who’s the daddy? 



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