V for Visitors

And so they come. The well wishers tripping up the garden path with beaming faces and open arms, into which you thankfully deposit the tiny baby. At this point it would be nice to run upstairs and get some kip but apprently we have to provide tea and cake. Or even lunch.

How S has found time to make a piece of dry toast let alone soup is beyond me but when my parents arrive that is what she produces. Maybe it came out of her left boob. I’ll probably never know.

You will have to accept visitors at some point but I reccomend putting them off for at least a week if you can. Just let them hear the baby screaming if anyone suggests it before then. Preferably ring them at 3am so they really get it.

My mum in law was actually first on the scene, which is fair enough, and she gets it. And she brought us lots of amazing frozen meals so we can continue playing at Survivors. Actually, i have ventured out to Sainsburys once to buy baby-gros but i came back with the wrong size and then went back to change them and did it again. Because i have no brain left.

S went to Sainsburys and cried over some woman at the till because she wouldn’t change her magazine after she bought the same one twice, so i don’t think we’ll go back for a bit.

So yes, do try to make sure visitors bring supplies so you can stay in the post-birth bubble a bit longer. Don’t expect to make much conversation. They will mainly want to hold the baby anyway. Until it poos or cries that is, at which point it’s not so cute apparently.

Around an hour and a half is ideal. My wife’s dad stayed all day but then he was fixing some cupboard doors. My parents came for three days but then they do live 300 miles away. We managed to find them a B&B not too far away. I really can’t imagine how you could have any guests staying when you have a tiny baby you barely know how to keep alive.

The weird thing was. Once the visitors had all gone and it was just us again the house felt too quiet. But only until the next round of nappy changing. Then we had a visitor of a different kind, what we are calling The Sheep, who posseses Baby B every time we change him. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It’s enough to make anyone get their coat!


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